The Modus Operandi of Equality

If you come across it in some article, the word feminism often finds itself in the company of another word called equality. Pay more attention, and there’s another, called empowerment.

No matter what the word ‘equality’ signifies in your mind/heart/weltanschauung, equality for a feminist is simple. More power for women.

So if you wanted to use these examples  to tell a feminist “equality contradiction, gotcha!”, that’s no great philosophical problem for feminism, the problem is that women still don’t have power, and thus there is no equality for women and it’s you who is in the wrong.


For this is not mathematics; to have your own cake and eat it too, to have it both ways, or immunity from that ultimate charge of hypocrisy, is quite easy because while equality is a line drawn in sand or to use their own terminology ‘a social construct’, the power to draw it where you want to, is real.

So why not have this power?
Say, why give away to women the institutions that men created in the name of equality and fairness, instead of billing women for using men’s inventions for the same?

Instead of caring about equality for women’s wages, why shouldn’t it be seen as equality that women pay unto men for the having the opportunity to earn such wages in the first place?

A masculinist or say a menist for simplicity, should put down equality on terms like this:

Men are overwhelming victims of violence. We want equality here, we don’t care about violence against women or what women might have to say about it.

Men should get royalties for women using their inventions. We don’t care what women might have to say about not getting red carpet invitation into men’s institutions.

This is equality too, just of a different variety.

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