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Progress of Feminism

Women can appear on TV with short hair and call out misogyny whenever they feel like it, take that you patriarchal bigots! PS – So what if asian women earn more than white women, who earn more than black women, … Continue reading

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A Reply

“Namae Nanka: “Considering that Marie Curie is more well-known than Maxwell, I won’t stress on the low status part.” Two Nobel prizes in physics have gone to women in over a hundred years. You want to argue that one of … Continue reading

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The Modus Operandi of Equality

If you come across it in some article, the word feminism often finds itself in the company of another word called equality. Pay more attention, and there’s another, called empowerment. No matter what the word ‘equality’ signifies in your mind/heart/weltanschauung, … Continue reading

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Having the cake and eating it too

When more females are selected to play in orchestras by blind auditions, it shows bias against women. When blind tests like SAT don’t give females better scores, it shows bias against women. It’s just when women are doing better in … Continue reading

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